Instructions for the conference

Important dates

  • 10. 10. 2019

     the registration opens

  • until 7. 11. 2019

    registration of a lecture/workshop (submission of the abstract)

  • until 11. 11. 2019

    announcement of accepted lectures/workshops

  • until 10. 1. 2020

    registration with no active participation

  • until 12. 1. 2020

    submission of the contributed text/extended abstract

  • until 7. 2. 2020

    peer review report

  • 12.–14. 2. 2020



Conference languages

  • English
  • Czech
  • Slovak

Forms of participation

  • speaker with a lecture and a paper
  • speaker with a lecture with an extended abstract
  • workshop organizer
  • participant (no active participation)



Faculty of Humanities, Science and Education

3rd floor, G building, FP TUL
Univerzitní nám. 1410/1
461 17 Liberec
Czech Republic

Conference fees

For the year 2020, the attendance fee is free as the costs of organising the conference are covered by the project OP VVV Podpora rozvíjení informatického myšlení (reg. č. CZ.02.3.68/0.0/0.0/16_036/0005322).

How much do I have to pay?

  • Participants from abroad pay for travel, accommodation and meals at their own expenses.
  • If you choose so in the registration form, the organizers can provide meals and/or accomodation at the facilities mentioned below.

Accommodation and meals

How to accommodate?

  • Accommodation is provided in tul dormitories which are located in walking distance from the campus (approx. 15 min).
  • Parking is free at the campus and the dormitories.
  • There are two single beds in each room.
  • In the registration form, you can fill in with whom you would like to share the room.
  • Each bathroom is shared between two rooms.
  •  If you DON’T want to make a reservation for accommodation, please inform us through the registration form.

Where can I have a meal?

  • Lunch and dinner will be provided in tul canteen directly at the university campus and the dormitories.
  • Lunches can be vegetarian or gluten-free.
  • Light refreshments at the conference will be provided (fruit, soft drinks, cookies).
  • We try to provide gluten-free refreshments as well.
  • Breakfast is not provided.
  • If you DON’T want to make a reservation for meals, please inform us through the registration form.

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